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Fall in đź’™ with CabosFall in đź’™ with Cabos

Fall in đź’™ with Cabos

The Cabos Pros

The Cabos Pros

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Falling in 💙 with Cabos began in 2014 when my husband Kenneth and I took our first getaway-from-it-all vacation to Cabo San Lucas - we have fallen in ❤️ with this pure beauty destination more each time we are there. Waking up early to watch the sunrises, taste of salt water, smell the ocean air, feel grounding to the earth being in the sand, watch the waves crashing, desert landscapes, warm hospitality, farm to table, sea to table restaurants and 2 hour flight to be close to home. Bliss is contagious and self caring is so easy to do there especially with friends... who wants to join us next time? 💙What better way than to help them get to their dream destination?


Testimonials - #1
Julie & David
Four trips to date and a fifth trip will be forthcoming: “Falling in Love with Cabos” makes trips to Cabos heavenly especially for foodies like us. We wouldn’t know where to go without the incredible guidance from Sharon and Ken.
Testimonials - #2
Phil & Lynne
Our three trips to Los Cabos were by far the most outstanding and relaxing trip we have ever participated in! There was plenty time to mingle, eat, sightsee, and swim with our friends! We are looking forward to going there for the fourth time... and many more to come! Thank you Sharon & Ken.
Testimonials - #3
Marie & Jeff
Sharon & Ken did fantastic job planning a one-week trip to Cabo San Lucas for us. The resort hotel we stayed was fabulous as it has everything you need...dinner show, water aerobics, sports bar, massage services, mini market, restaurants (taco bar, etc.), fitness room, and many more! Sharon knows all the best places to eat in Cabos... Read More
Testimonials - #4
Catherine & Alan
We had been to Cabos a few times on our own and it was always "blah". When Sharon and Ken kept going back to Cabos, we kept asking them, "Why?? What's there that keeps you going back??" They suggested that we spend a week with them to experience the TRUE CABOS experience.... so we did! Ohhh now we get it !!! Ken and Sharon really... Read More
Testimonials - #5
Tracey & Steven
I reached out to Sharon and Ken asking for recommendations for our first trip to Los Cabos. We were delighted to learn that they would be there at the same time! It was a fabulous trip. They are very knowledgeable with Cabos, and took us to terrific restaurants (and recommended a few to us) and the sightseeing was wonderful. We only... Read More
Testimonials - #6
Cabos is the place to go if you want to really really relax and stay healthy! It has organic restaurants!!! Sunrises are the champs, well worth waking up for! Reflections of the sun on the waves that hit on the sand and recedes back to the ocean. Ahhhhhh what more can you ask for? I am going back again and again! CABOS! Sharon knows... Read More
Testimonials - #7
Debijo & Fred
Several years ago we visited Cabo San Lucas with our children and another family while on vacation. We were not very impressed with this town, and decided we would not visit again. However, our plans changed when our dear friends Ken and Sharon asked us and the family we originally went with to go with them and experience Cabo in their... Read More
Testimonials - #8
Denise & Bob
Thank you, Sharon and Ken, for changing our views of Cabo. Our first visit to Cabo was with our cruise excursion and we weren’t impressed with the city. Emily and I got the opportunity to have a mother and daughter get-away with Sharon and Rachel in January, 2015. Morning walks to the town, shopping, swimming, hiking, jumping off... Read More
Testimonials - #9
I had a wonderful experience at Villa del Palmar with all the activities - waterslide, water aerobics, musical shows, and many more. The place is very well designed to create an amazing atmosphere of fun and relaxation. One of the highlights is the ocean view which makes this slice of paradise even more amazing. I couldn’t stop staring... Read More
Testimonials - #10
A well spent Passover at the Villa del Palmar Beach resort for four nights/five days! The seders at Chabad with my Jewish Deaf family and friends, along with many other Jewish folks, including the famous Sculptor Alexander Grosman was spectacular! We had the seders in the backyard, beautiful fairy lights, a huge menorah sculpture, and... Read More
Once in a lifetime, I went on a trip on a spur of moment to get out of the rat race with my childhood friend to Cabos! The place is out of the world secluded but in the middle of action at the same time. On top of that, we had excellent tour guides Sharon and Ken who knows Cabos through and through! They showed us the hidden gems and our trip was never dull a moment. I will go again in a heartbeat!
WAIT, WHAT?! Passover in Cabo San Lucas!! I wholeheartedly enjoyed a week long at the resort and two nights of seder at the Chabad! Endless gratitude to you Sharon and Ken, for their utmost patience and generous heart that gave us a lifetime of experience. Sunrises every single morning, Sunset boat ride, Passover seders and to name more! Heartfelt thanks to my parents for having me part of this trip that I would never forget!
Rosemarie & Lance
Thanks to Sharon and Ken for the beautiful Passover Seder week and guidance. A new Cabo Jewish Center opened last year and we visited the new synagogue. It is a lovely centerpiece. Sharon took us to different restaurants, and sightseeing. There are many things to do in Los Cabo and we would go again in a heartbeat
Going to Cabos was a lovely place especially seeing the sunrises in the early morning. The view was so beautiful. With Sharon as a guide to make it more special since she knows this area so well that we went to nice restaurants and other places to visit that I really enjoyed Cabos that much.
The Utley Family
When planning a nice escape for our family during the summer between our tight schedules, we recalled seeing Ken and Sharon enjoying life to the fullest at Cabos, so we decided to reach out to LoveCabos, who was accommodating to our needs. We were impressed with the facilities at Villa del Palmar and the friendly staff who went above... Read More
Sara & Greg
Sharon, our guide, immediately welcomed us with a huge warm hug & made us feel like we’ve known each other forever the minute we met. Sharon knew exactly where to take us. All the restaurants we ate at were AMAZING!! We truly enjoyed seeing different towns & some excursions. Riding on the sunset cruise was awesome! An all day boating... Read More
Joy & Shaul
We recently travelled to Cabos San Lucas with Sharon Ann Dror’s Fall in Love with Cabos group. It was our very first deaf group trip. There were 8 of us and it was an amazing trip with a great group! Highly recommend. We didn’t have to worry about where to go, what to do or need to decide on a good place to eat each night thanks to... Read More
Had a memorable and wonderful time at Cabos. It was my first real vacation in 8 years. Many Kudos to Sharon and Ken for their wonderful guidance on: restaurant hopping, tour sight seeing (land and water), tips on massage services and other gem advices in order to capture True Cabos experience. Many thanks to the Selzer family, Betty... Read More